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Welcome to Brad Buttry's, Virtual Painting with Photoshop website. Our DVD tutorials have been greeted with enthusiasm by hundreds of satisfied customers. Our new release, Virtual Watercolors - Portraits and Landscapes is now ready to order!

Photographers, artists, graphic professionals, hobbyists and many others have learned Brad Buttry's techniques of converting their digital prints into beautiful works of art. View the Virtual Painting Gallery to see examples of Brad's technique.

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Brad Buttry's Virtual Painting tutorial DVDs instruct you how to magically transform your photographic images in a myriad of ways using Adobe Photoshop — the digital counterpart of traditional artists' tools.

In these instructional movies, Brad Buttry covers hardware and software requirements, custom brushes that simplify the painting process, instructions for adjusting a digital image's canvas size, and other painting essentials. These tutorials explain all the skills needed to rev up one's creative arsenal and begin outputting extraordinary and artful virtual painted images.

Virtual Painting is a perfect complement to photographers with a traditional background in photography as well as those who are ready to create special niche products to set their images apart.

who can learn?

Suitable for both beginners and experienced users, these tutorials demonstrate all the powerful tools and features that will enable you to create stunning virtual paintings and take your creativity to the next level. Each DVD tutorial starts with the basics such as the tools, workspace, selections, masks, brushes, and all explained in as simple form as possible using instructional examples. Please read our common questions page for additional information.

“This is really something special! I was really impressed with the techniques for converting photographic images into striking simulations of natural-media works. The options and possibilities are vast, and there’s clearly ample room for subtlety and uniqueness, even if these are only hinted at in the demos. This approach goes way beyond canned presets and auto-conversions in Painter, and any application of the Art History brush that I’ve ever seen. Fascinating! ”